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Customer: “To have a crystal clear understanding of what is I expect from the seller”.
Seller: "To have a crystal clear understanding of what the buyer expects from me".

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Help With eBay has consulted companies with 1.5 million in sales a month over the past year.

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Help With eBay: Consulting Businesses Nation Wide

Our happy little group at Help With eBay is now helping companies across this great nation sell items on eBay, Craigslist and on a high profit wholesale level. Selling online is difficult. Otherwise everyone would be doing it, and doing it right. We have been doing it, and consistently maintaining 100% positive feedback and eBay's highest standard of customer satisfaction. It can be done, and done correctly.

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Why Resale Your Inventory ?

Don't waste your time trying to figure out the eBay world, or attending a time consuming and costly 'How To Sell On Ebay' class. Just simply let me do it for you, and save you the time and effort involved in selling. I can also partner up with you, or your company and work with you to sell anything you wish to have listed on eBay. I can sell just about ANYTHING on eBay. Email me and I can come out and look at what you have. If I sell it for you, I will photograph it, list it and ship it for you. Then I just simply hand you a check. It is that easy. And more is that FUN.




On February 13th 2004 Shawn was featured on KOMO TV in Seattle about successfully selling on ebay. The story was put together by KOMO TV reporter Margo Myers. The story featured Shawn discussing techniques about turning a profit just by simply listing and selling. Shawn has been selling on ebay since April of 2000.

The video of the KOMO TV story is below: