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01.Newest Videos

Newest Videos Coming Soon

Coming soon, educational videos on how to sell on ebay and make good money at it. Please check back often.

02.Vegas Office

Las Vegas office now open

Help With Ebay offices are now open in Sin City. Call 702.997.5326 and lets chat.

03.Meet Shawn

Shawn Is The CEO

Shawn is the 'Help With Ebay' President & CEO. Here is video of Shawn on KOMO TV.

04.Company History

Help With Ebay

We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to selling on Ebay for our clients.

We are now working selling Costco overstock and returns

We Are Here To Help

Our happy little group at Help With Ebay is now helping companies across this great nation sell items on Ebay, Craigslist and on a high profit wholesale level. Selling online is difficult. Otherwise everyone would be doing it, and doing it right. We have been doing it, and consistently maintaining 100% positive feedback and Ebay's highest standard of customer satisfaction. It can be done, and done correctly. Are you ready?


Customer: To have a crystal clear understanding of what is I expect from the seller. Seller: To have a crystal clear understanding of what the buyer expects from me.


In February 2004 Help With Ebay  was featured on KOMO TV about the business of selling on Ebay. We have been successfully selling on Ebay since April of 2000.


Help With Ebay
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Help With Ebay
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